Received customer enquiries

1. About the price of semi automatic pp-strapping seal clips machine (steel scraps using machine for making strapping seal/clip) .

More questions about the strapping seal/clip macine by using steel scraps ( semi automatic-strapping clip-machine)

Question one: price of semi automaitc machine with three size of different-strapping seal clipss

Question two: How to make plastic PP strapping seal/clip with this machine?

Question three how to make normal tensile strength of steel strap seal/clip with this machine?

Question four: how to make high tensile steel strapping seal/clip with this machine?

Question five: what is the difference between single folding seal/clip and double folding seal/clip with this machine?

Question six: How do we cut the steel scraps to strips to make seal/clp with this machine?

Question seven what is the price difference between normal tensile strength seal/clip machine and the high tensile one?


2 About the enquiry for sending samples

3. Enquiry from Belarus customer for contract both in English and Russian

4. Customer from South Africa asking for Flat Bar Machine

5.Customer from Belarus has signed the contract for 19 mm composite cord buckle machine

6. Cusotmer asks for high tensile steel coil slitter machine

7. Our regular customer from Africa asking for steel wire used in the wire buckle machine bought from us