Poly plastic strapping clip making machine




Speed: 90 pcs/minute

size: 16 x 30 13x30 19 x 30 x (0.5--0.9mm)

Material: galvanized steel coil

Specification: specification for poly strapping sealing machine

open type poly-strapping clip-machine with inside point for better grip

13 and 19 mold machine

Seal number control: automatic counting of each numbers of a box


Poly -strapping clip-s (embossed dots) machine100


There are embossed dots inside the seal


Poly -strapping clip-s (embossed dots) machine200


13x30 and 19x30 other size molds


Poly -strapping clip-s (embossed dots) machine300


the machine can produce in three sizes as -13 mm-, -16 mm- and -19 mm-

Poly -strapping clip-s (embossed dots) machine00


there is numbers controlling counter for your controlling numbers of seals for each box:


Testing video:



Features of the machine


Frequently Asked Questions

What is poly strapping?


How many types of poly strapping gasket to seal poly straps?


In how many months will we get the return on investment or return on investment (ROI)?


Do you have a video of manufacturing both -13 mm- poly strapping gasket and -16 mm- poly strapping gasket?


Do you have customers in Latin American countries? Customer for -13 mm- and -16 mm- poly -strap clips- manufacturing in Latin America


Do you have such a Poly plastic strapping machine customer in Ecuador? yes we have Customer for -13 mm- and -16 mm- poly -strap clips- manufacturing in Latin America



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